Chairman’s Desk

Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy which came into being about six years ago has envisaged many creative and ambitious programmes to imbibe a culture of cinema and to spearhead academic excellence in this most profuse and effective medium.

I was fortunate enough to get the responsibility of heading this prestigious Academy. I would like to build upon the solid foundations laid down by my predecessors Shri T.S.Nagabharana and Smt.Tara Anuradha.

Kannada Cinema, which has a history of over 8 decades is a treasure trove of talents, who have earned National and Global appreciation. Its legacy has doyens like Dr. Rajkumar,Dada SAheb Phalke awardee, Cameraman V.K.Murthy, another Dada Saheb Phalke awardee and a plethora of Directors like Girish Karnad, B.V.Karantha, N.Lakshminarayan, B.R.Panthalu, Gubbi Veeranna, Girish Kasaravalli, P.Sheshadri and so on. It has produced films par excellence, which have a pride of place in the international arena.

The Academy, in its persuasion of excellence, has recorded a few formidable steps. The Film Appreciation course, which is being conducted with the help of National Film Archive, Pune, Publication of books, Interaction with Kerala Chalanachitra Academy, Interaction with NFDC and Doordarshan are some of the productive initiatives taken up by the Academy. TAPME Institution of Manipal has done a report on Kannada Cinema for Academy.

It’s effort of building a creative and intelligent audience ‘Belli-Cinema- Belli Maathu’ is yielding commendable results.

The main purpose of Academy is documentation, creation of an academic base for debutants and students of cinema, Publication of books written by noted Film makers.It Is fortunate that Academy is getting full-fledged support from the Government of Karnataka. Academy has envisaged to conduct 8th edition of BIFFes during last week of January. Its intention to reach BIFFES to global audience is very ably supported by Government of Karnataka. Shri.Siddaramaiah our honorable Chief Minister has kindly consented to be the Honorable Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the conduct of ensuing 8 th edition of BIFFES. The support extended by Shri.R.Roshan Baig is praise worthy. Shri.B.G.Nandakumar, Secretary, Information and Public Relations department, Shri.N.R.Vishukumar, Director, Information and Public Relations department, are also pillars of strength for the Academy through their unstinted support.

In core, the Academy intends to better the skills of film making and to influence the film makers to cultivate a habit to produce films that will reach the audience along with socially relevant messages.

The programmes of the academy have been construed with consultation of the doyens and masters of film making and have been found successful in realizing its objectives.

It is my benign request that any constructive suggestions may kindly be reached to me by email or phone.

-S.V. Rajendra Singh Babu